👨‍🎓 After studying Economics & Philosophy, I sold my student side-gig Alakazam, an iphone app for spontaneous flight search.

📝 I've written about how we might kickstart global innovation using crowdsourced prizes for Forbes and Huffington Post.

🚀 Shortly afterwards I co-founded Maptia â€“ a living archive inspiring and impactful stories from around the world (our launch was featured by Mashable, WIRED & The Next Web).

🌎Our startup adventure took us across 5 continents from Start Up Chile in Santiago, to TechStars in Seattle and then on to Morocco, Switzerland, Bali and back to the UK.

🌊 In 2015, I crossed the English Channel on a stand up paddleboard raising money for charity: water.

👨‍🏫 For the last few years I’ve been leading the Escape the City Startup Tribes in London.

🌴 I’m currently based in Canggu, Bali and working on the launch of the Curious Humans podcast and an online academy for Curious Leaders .